The ABCs of Homeschooling

Although I completed my time as a homeschool mom almost two years ago, I can still share the ABCs of homeschooling with you.  It’s entertaining and exciting to look at homeschooling in this way.  I will explain some of them along the way, but most of them are self-explanatory.  ABCs of Homeschooling A–Attitude; Art supplies; …

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Waiting on God’s Timing

Waiting is hard, but God’s timing is perfect. God has timing for you; it is for projects and life in general. In your projects, you can plan your timelines and deadlines. Your milestones can be set for you, but God will allow your projects to come together in His perfect timing. He will set you …

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10 Great Gifts for Teachers 2022

As a teacher without a classroom (AKA former teacher), I can tell you that I loved receiving gifts from my students. Today, we are going to look at 10 great gifts for teachers.  Let me clarify something. Yes, I loved getting gifts, but they did not have to be store-bought. I taught high school English. …

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