January 2023

9 Steps to a Godly Morning Routine

Setting a routine can be challenging. If you aren’t a morning person, establishing a morning routine can be almost excruciating. So today, I’m going to give you 9 steps to a Godly morning routine. Hopefully, they will help you to ease the stress of your mornings.  Last week, I wrote about 9 ways to make […]

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Setting a Routine: 9 Ways to Make it Easier

Being a mom is one of the most rewarding experiences ever, but it can also be incredibly challenging. Between work, childcare, household chores, and everything else, it can be hard to find a balance and stay organized. That’s why setting a routine is so important for moms. Creating a routine can help you stay on

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70 Reasons to Homeschool

Over the past week or so, I have begun writing about homeschooling. It is by far the best decision we made for our daughter’s education. Today, I am going to give you a list (literally, a list) of 70 reasons to homeschool.   I wrote a post on the Myths of Homeschooling. Then, I wrote about

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The ABCs of Homeschooling

Although I completed my time as a homeschool mom almost two years ago, I can still share the ABCs of homeschooling with you.  It’s entertaining and exciting to look at homeschooling in this way.  I will explain some of them along the way, but most of them are self-explanatory.  ABCs of Homeschooling A–Attitude; Art supplies;

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12 Homeschooling Myths Debunked

Homeschooling myths abound in the education community. There are so many things that non-homeschoolers don’t understand, when looking in from the outside. In today’s world, many things are going on in the public school system, so many issues that teachers and students have daily.  As parents, we must make a decision as to what is

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7 Benefits of Waiting on God’s Timing

Recently, I wrote about Waiting on God’s Timing.  Today, I want to discuss the benefits of waiting on God’s timing.  Every time we wait for what God has planned explicitly in our lives, we learn some things or gain something important in our lives.  Benefits of Waiting on God’s Timing #1–Endurance Most of the promises

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