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Finding Time for Yourself: A Busy Mom’s Guide

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A Busy Mom’s Guide to Finding Time for Yourself is what we need to be able to overcome the challenges we face as busy Christian moms. If you’re a new mom, so many changes are coming your way that you have no idea how to have time for yourself. Many times, experienced moms lose our identity as individuals because our lives become so involved in the lives of our children.

However, no matter how busy you are, finding time for yourself is very important.

Have Routines

One of the first things you need to do in the journey of finding time for yourself is set routines. Setting a morning routine will help you face your day with more confidence and calmness. In the evenings, you can use another routine to settle in for the night and prepare yourself for the following day.

Know Your Triggers

As a busy mom, you know that there are some things that you need at different times. When you begin to feel the irritation building in your mind and body, allow yourself a moment to figure things out. 

Stop what you are doing.

Breathe deeply.

Figure out what you need at that moment. 

Do you need a glass of water? Would a few minutes alone in your bedroom help? Could a cup of coffee help you? (Just be careful because coffee might increase your stress or anxiety.) Should you take a nap? 

Find what you need and figure out a way to get that for yourself. Get it as soon as possible. If there is someone with you, let him/her know what you need as well. 

Schedule Time for Yourself

When you have your routines in place, this may be easier. 

Even with routines, this can be tricky. You may have to sneak this time for yourself into activities with your children.

Plan some time for quiet play. Let your children play with dolls, puzzles, or books while you read a few pages for yourself. 

If you have a safe place, like a fenced-in backyard, where your children can play without needing much involvement from you, let your children enjoy their time playing there. You can enjoy some lemonade and soak up some Vitamin D. 

While your child is in the bathtub playing with toys, sit on the edge of the tub (so you can still reach him/her), and soak your feet in a basin with warm water. 

Doing these things will give you a few minutes to relax while your children do things that they enjoy. 

Give in to Indulgences

This is not a license to let the TV babysit your children. Do not take it as such.

Sometimes, it’s ok to let your children have their indulgences. 

This could be allowing your kids to watch an extra episode of their favorite show. 

You could also let them play one more game on the phone/iPad or game console. 

There are times when these extra few minutes will be all you need to clear your head and relax just a little bit. 

Take a Shower

No matter what is going on, make time to take a shower. The hot water from the shower can help to heal you mentally and physically. 

There are a few times you could sneak in a shower:

  • While spouse/older kids play with younger kids
  • While baby naps (take the baby monitor with you to the bathroom)
  • While the kids are at school or daycare 
  • In the 5 minutes before you jump into bed at night

Make Time During Feedings

Whether your child is bottle-fed or breastfed, when you are holding him/her during a feeding, watch a favorite show. If he/she falls asleep while eating, watch another episode before getting up to put him/her in the bed/crib. 

Relaxation Rule for Naps

It doesn’t matter where you are in your motherhood journey. If your child still takes naps, make a rule that during naps you can only relax. 

Many new moms make the rule to sleep when the baby sleeps. This isn’t a bad idea; it can help you to heal from giving birth. 

However, as your child gets older, he/she will probably not sleep as much or as often. I suggest this is the best time to make the relaxation rule. 

Don’t spend naptime trying to get work done–like dishes, laundry, and vacuuming. Spend that time taking care of yourself. Paint your nails. Listen to a book or podcast. Watch TV. Sleep. 

Do something that will help you to relax while your children are napping. 

Get Outside

We have all heard the saying that “fresh air is good for you.” Embrace that. 

Make time every day to get outside. Take a prayer walk. Use your phone or camera to take pictures of nature. Grab the stroller and take the kids with you, or have someone watch them while you go alone. 

Get Moving

Did you know that 15 minutes of exercise can help with mom stress?

What can you do for 15 minutes? Walk around in your yard–that also helps you get outside! Stretch. March in place. 

There are many things you can do in 15 minutes that will help you to get moving and get your blood flowing.

Ask for Help

Being a mom means that you need a support system. It could be your friends, family, or coworkers. 

Find someone who can help you when you need time for yourself. 

Hire a nanny, if you need to or can. 

Be sure that you surround yourself with people who are supportive of you. 

Keys to Finding Time for Yourself

There’s no magic solution to finding time for yourself as a busy mom. However, it is something that must be done. 

Finding time for yourself will require planning, support, and routines. 

However, it’s something that we all need to do.

Use these tips and tricks to find time for yourself. If you have other ideas of ways to find time for yourself, leave them in the comments.

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