Finding Quiet time as a Busy Christian Mom

Finding Quiet Time for Busy Christian Moms

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Are you a busy Christian mom who is always on the go, struggling with too many responsibilities, and juggling your time to find a moment of peace? Do you think that quiet time is a luxury not in your current time budget? 

As a busy Christian mom, I understand where you are coming from and how challenging it can be to scrape just a few minutes of me-time out of the day. 

Did you know that finding quiet time is important for your general well-being and overall mental health? 

In today’s post, I’ll share a few practical tips and strategies that we can use as busy Christian moms to find moments of calm in the chaos. 

If you’re ready, let’s get started! 

The Importance of Finding Quiet Time

All pictures in this post have the same muted tan background with a variety of clocks overlapping one another. The words are different on each picture:  This one says "The Importance of Quiet Time"Busy Christian moms, well–all moms, typically find it easy to put themselves last. But finding quiet time is so important. Research proves that taking breaks can help lower stress levels, improve moods, and increase productivity. As busy moms, I’m sure we could all use those things, right? 

Finding quiet time is not only about taking breaks. It’s about capturing moments of quiet, solitude, and peace–taking a moment with God. 

When you find quiet time, you will be able to feel more centered or grounded. You can recharge your batteries. Finally, you might even be able to process your thoughts and emotions. 

The best result of finding quiet time is that you will be more equipped to handle the daily challenges of motherhood. 

Plan Ahead to Find Quiet Time

As busy moms, finding quiet time in the middle of our chaos can be tough. 

One effective way to prioritize this need is to plan ahead. 

Schedule Quiet Time

plan ahead of quiet timeSchedule your quiet time. Make a plan in advance, and you will more likely stick to it. 

A key to planning (or scheduling) your quiet time is communication. Communicate with your husband or other family members about your need for time alone. 

Let them know that you have scheduled some time for yourself and ask for their support. 

It may mean that your husband has to take on more responsibilities during your quiet time. Or it could just mean that the people in your life give you space and privacy during that time. 

Use Your Children’s Quiet Time

Another way to plan ahead is to use the time while your children are napping or having their own quiet time. 

If your children are napping, you could take a nap as well. Just keep the monitor near you so that you can hear if they need you. 

Finding quiet time while your children are awake may mean that you read a book, have prayer time, journal, or do a short Bible study

Remember, finding quiet time is essential for your overall health. Plan ahead, communicate with your family, and make yourself a priority so you can reap the benefits of time alone. 

Finding Quiet Time by Waking Up Early

Another great way to find quiet time as a busy mom is to wake up early. 

Wake up early for quiet timeIf you wake up, even an hour earlier than you normally do, you can create a peaceful and productive morning routine. It will set the tone for the rest of your day. 

When you wake up earlier than the others in your family, you can pray, read the Bible, enjoy your coffee (or hot chocolate), or do any other activity that helps you to center and focus on yourself. 

Finding quiet time before everyone else is awake will help start your day the way you want, and it will give you more energy to tackle the challenges that you may face that day. 

I am not a morning person, so this would be very hard for me to do, but you could start off by doing it just a day or two a week. Then you could begin doing it more often if you desired. 

Having time alone in the mornings will also allow you to plan out your day or mentally prepare for what you planned during your evening routine. This can help with your organization during the day and ease the feeling of being overwhelmed by everything you need to accomplish. 

Waking up early is not just about finding quiet time, it’s about having an intentional and peaceful start to your day. 

Get Creative with Your Surroundings

As I said already, finding quiet time is hard. However, sometimes we have to find creative ways to make a peaceful place where we can be alone and connect with God. 

Quiet Space

One way is to make a designated quiet space in your home. You can use the corner of your bedroom, a reading nook, the hammock in your backyard, or even a closet. 

Fill the space with things that bring you peace, like inspiring books, candles, or post-it notes of your favorite Bible verses. 

Only use this space when you are having quiet time for prayer, Bible reading, or listening to God.

Headphone or Earplugs 

Sometimes having a dedicated space in our homes isn’t possible. If you can’t have a quiet space to yourself, and you have to share, get some noise-canceling headphones or earplugs. (I know! You just laughed at that idea, but it could work!)

These will help you to block out distractions and focus on the quiet. You can use them during quiet time, but you can use them when you are doing chores or running errands as well. 

Take a Walk

If being inside is too distracting during your quiet time, take a walk outside. 

Nature, for most people, is soothing. It can help you connect with the Creator in meaningful ways.

The length of the walk doesn’t matter, neither does the location. You can walk in your backyard, around the neighborhood, or go on a hike on a trail. 

Just make time to be outside and enjoy God’s creation. Finding quiet time is all about nurturing your relationship with God and making your spiritual health a priority in your life. 

Finding Quiet Time Through Multitasking

Some people say that no one can multitask. Others say that everyone can. I’m somewhere in the middle because I think we all do it at some point, but we aren’t all good at it. 

For example, I can sing along to the radio and praise God while I’m driving. However, I’m not someone who can walk and text at the same time. (Yep, I’m the one running into buildings!!) 

Multitasking can be invaluable to us as busy moms because it helps us to make the most of the limited hours in a day. 

We can combine quiet time with other activities and, maybe, find some alone time while we get things done. 

Quiet Time and Exercise

No matter your chosen form of exercise, unless you are in a class or using a video, you can find some quiet time during your routine. 

Focus on yourself and your thoughts while you are exercising. Pray or listen to a Christian podcast. This will help you to feel energized and motivated while getting in your movement for the day. 

Audiobooks and Podcasts

I mentioned podcasts during exercise, but you can listen to audiobooks or podcasts during almost any activity that you are doing alone. 

If you are sweeping, doing laundry, washing the dishes, or making the bed, you can have a podcast or audiobook playing in your headphones. 

This is a great way to be productive, engaged, and learn something new or enjoy a good story. 

Lunch Break Quiet Time

During your lunch break, if you eat alone, you can read a book, do a devotion, or journal. 

This will help you to take a mental break from your responsibilities while getting the nutrition you need for your body. 

Seek Support from Family and Friends

As busy moms, we have to remember that we are not alone. 

We should seek support from the people who are closest to us. 

This is a valuable tool for finding quiet time and still taking care of your responsibilities.

Reach Out

Although, as moms who think we have to do it all, it is hard to ask for help. 

Reach out to family members or friends. Ask them to help with childcare. Have your best friend take your kids to the park with her kids for an hour or so. Get your sister to be on “auntie duty” so you can have some time alone. Ask your mom if she would like to spend some time spoiling her grandbabies. 

Your kids will love the change in routine, and you will be able to enjoy finding the quiet time that you desperately need. 


If you don’t live near family or don’t have any friends who can hang out with your children for a few hours a week, hire a babysitter. 

This will give you some time to yourself, and your children will be able to interact with someone new and have some fun doing it. 

If you do this during school breaks or over the summer, you could help a teenager to have a little spending money. (You’ll be thankful when someone else gives your kids money for doing things one day!)

Mommy Groups

Consider joining a mommy group to network. You can get the support you need and can support other moms who may need your help. 

These groups offer valuable resources and connections. Plus, they are safe spaces to share your experiences and challenges. 

You can check with local childcare centers to see if they know of any groups, or you can call churches to see if they have one. 

Seeking support is not a sign of weakness. It shows the strength you have as a mom to know when you need time alone to recharge. 


Finding quiet time as a busy Christian mom can seem overwhelming. However, it’s essential for your mental health to have time alone. 

Use the ideas in this post to help make quiet time a regular part of your routine. Prioritize what you need. Take care of yourself and your spiritual health. 

Plan ahead, wake up early, seek support, and get creative. These are just a few of the ways you can go about finding quiet time in your life. 

Always remember, taking care of yourself is not selfish. It’s necessary so you can be the best mom possible. Make finding quiet time a priority and enjoy the benefits of it. I think you will find that your life will be more balanced, fulfilled, and happy as the busy Christian mom that you are.


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