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Moms on a Mission: Creative Prayer Ideas for Busy Moms

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As busy Christian moms, we all know how challenging it can be to include prayer and other things for our spiritual growth in our daily lives. 

We also know that making space in our lives for prayer is essential to finding peace in the chaos and nurturing our souls. 

Today, you and I are going to discuss some creative prayer ideas for Christian moms. These include having a morning and evening prayer routine, praying with and for your children, and incorporating art (possibly) into your practice of prayer. 

If you’re new to your prayer journey or just trying to deepen your connection to the Father, these ideas will help you find the strength and peace to navigate the many twists and turns of motherhood. 

Are you ready? Let’s jump in! 

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Morning Prayer Ideas for Moms

When you begin your day with prayer, you set a more positive tone for the rest of your day. 

Here are a few morning prayer ideas for moms to help you connect with God and begin the day with peace during your morning routine. 

Gratitude Prayer

Start the day by expressing gratitude for the blessing in your life. This can be a simple prayer that thanks God for a good night’s sleep and waking up refreshed. You could thank God for allowing you the opportunity to be a mother. 

If you ever find yourself in a morning fog looking for something to be grateful for, I have some FREE printable Gratitude Journaling cards. There are 16 cards. Each one has a question on it for you to answer to focus your gratitude. 

Breath Prayer

Get into a comfortable position, but not comfy enough to go back to sleep, and focus on your breathing for a few minutes. You can say a short prayer during this time, express gratitude, or say an affirmation. 

For example, when you inhale, you could say, “Jesus loves me.” When you exhale, you could say, “This I know.” It might sound cheesy, but deep breaths will help to calm your mind and your heart rate. 

I don’t know if you have seen the video on social media or not, but there are a few of them going around using the same audio. The audio says something like “The name YHWH is like taking a breath. It’s the sounds your body makes when you breathe in ‘YH’ and out ‘WH.’ A baby calls the name of God with his/her first breath and a person leaving this world says His name as they go.” 

When you are focusing your breathing, just say the name of God, YHWH, as you do it. 

Scripture Reading

You may want to begin your day by focusing and meditating on a short passage from the Bible. You could use a devotion book, read a psalm, or have a special passage you read every morning. 

Using scripture in prayer is a great way to connect God’s word to your prayer life. 

Morning Walk

If you have older children who can be alone for a few minutes or your husband is home when you first get up in the mornings, you could head outside for a walk. Use this time to connect with nature and the Creator. Reflect on the blessings in your life and the creation you are seeing. 


Grab a journal, it can be a cute one or a composition notebook. Either will work wonderfully. Before your day is in full swing, write down your thoughts, prayers, and feelings in the journal. 

Through this activity in the mornings, you can release some of the worries, stresses, and anxieties that you may be holding. It will help you to connect with God on a much deeper level. 

Morning Prayers Wrap Up

This is just a short list of morning prayer ideas for moms. They can help you begin your day on the right foot.

Naturally, you will want to try different things, and you may end up combining some of the morning ideas and doing them together. You have to find what works for you and your family. 

Praying Throughout the Day

Finding a dedicated time every day can be very challenging for us as busy moms. I do, however, have a solution. Incorporate prayers into your daily routine. 

Below are just a few ideas for praying throughout the day. 

Mealtime Prayers

You probably already do this. 

In my family, we call it “Saying the Blessing.” I have friends who call it “Saying Grace.” No matter what you call it, you can take a minute (or two) before each meal of the day to give thanks to God for the food, your family, and His blessings in your life. 

You can also include a prayer to ask for the food to be nourishment to your body. Ask for God to strengthen you and your family and give you guidance for the day. 

Commute Prayers

If you are a working mom and have to drive to work in the mornings, you can use that time to connect with God. If you work from home but still drive the kids to school, use the time on the way to school to pray with your kids. The drive home is your alone time with God. 

If you have a commute to work or school, use that time to connect with God. You could listen to worship music or a devotional podcast, or simply spend the time in silent prayer.

Prayer Reminders

My sister and brother-in-law have a medically-fragile baby. I say baby, but he turns 1 in May. Anyways, he has different medicines and things that he has to have at certain times during the day. 

Since he came home from the hospital, I have never been with my sister when one of her alarms/reminders for him didn’t go off. She has each one labeled for what she has to do: heat his milk; put his milk in the feeding pump; turn the pump off.  

You can do the same for prayer. Set a reminder that just says “Take a minute to Pray.” If you know that someone is having something stressful that day, like a test in school or a doctor’s appointment, you can add that person to your reminder. “Pray for Sally’s test at school.” 

You may only have a minute or two, depending on what you are doing when the reminder goes off, but it will give you time every day to connect with God. 

Scripture Meditation

Choose a scripture to memorize and repeat. You can say it throughout the day when you have a minute. Or, if things are starting to get a little crazy, you can say it during that time to find peace in God’s word and calm your mind. 

Daily Prayers Wrap Up

As I said in the beginning, these are only a few of the prayer ideas for moms to use during their daily routine. 

When we incorporate prayer into our daily routines, it helps us to make a stronger connection to God and find peace in life’s busyness. 

Evening Prayer Ideas for Moms

For some of us, mornings are the most chaotic time of the day. For others of us, it’s the evenings that have no more seconds left to do anything. 

However, your evening routine is a great time to reflect on what happened during the day and connect with God before going to sleep.

Here are just a few evening prayer ideas for moms.

Gratitude Journal

During the morning routine, I suggested that you focus on gratitude to begin your day. By doing that, you probably saw more things during the day for which you were thankful. 

Now, before going to bed for the evening, write down the things you’re grateful for that you thought of or that happened during the day. Again, if you’re stuck on ideas, you can download my FREE printable Gratitude Journaling cards

Writing in a gratitude journal will help to focus your mind on positive things and put a little gratitude in your heart. 

Candlelit Prayer

Light a candle and spend some quiet time in prayer. You can read a psalm, use a devotional book, or sit in silence to listen to God’s voice. 

Bedtime prayers

As a Christian mom, you probably already do this with your children. 

Before going off to sleep, take a few minutes for reflection and prayer. Thank God for all the blessings He provided during the day, like guidance and protection. 

As for calmness, protection, and rest while you sleep. You can use this time to give God any of your worries and concerns from the current day or for the next day. 

Evening Prayer Ideas Wrap Up

The list above is just a few ways to incorporate prayer into your evening routine. The important thing is that, at the end of the day, you are taking time to connect with God and find rest for your soul. 

Creative Prayer Ideas for Moms

The title of the post claimed that I was going to give you CREATIVE prayer ideas for moms. 

I won’t hold out any longer. 

If you want to connect with God in new and creative ways, here are some things to try.

Praying Through Art

I am a creative person. I love words if you can’t tell, and I love to write. 

Photography and scrapbooking are also in my realm of hobbies. Plus, I love to sing. 

Really, sometimes, it’s hard to decide what creative thing needs the most attention during the day. 

No matter what your creative talents are, use those to express your prayers. You can take pictures, paint, draw, create a collage, or scrapbook

Use art to make a visual representation of your prayer. Then meditate on it as you create. 

Nature and Prayer Walks 

If you enjoy the outdoors, and sometimes if you don’t, you can walk in nature and allow the beauty of creation to inspire your prayers. Focus on colors, textures, and sounds in the world around you. Use those things to connect to the Creator. 

Praying with Music or Dance

On your phone, computer, or TV, put on some music that inspires you and speaks to your soul. 

Use it as a backdrop for your prayers. If you are up for it, you can incorporate some stretches or movement to the music into your prayer time. 

I often use music to usher me into worship, especially in the car. There are so many songs that speak to what is going on in my life. When possible, not when I’m driving, I close my eyes and just listen to the words as I allow my heart to pray. 

Prayer and Fasting

Fasting is a powerful way to connect with God. It will help you to seek wisdom and guidance from the Heavenly Father. 

If you decide to incorporate fasting into your prayer life, it doesn’t have to be from food. It can be a fast from anything you feel God is calling you to abstain from for a specific time. 

Creative Prayer Ideas Wrap Up

These ideas are different from the “normal” ideas for prayer. That’s why they are in the creative prayers idea section. 

Being creative in your prayers can help you find meaningful new ways to connect with God, nurture your soul, and strengthen your faith. 

Overcoming Prayer Obstacles

As busy Christian moms, we can come up with 1,001 reasons why we don’t do some of the things we know we need to do, like taking time for prayer. Sometimes life is chaotic; I know. 

In this section, I am going to cover a couple of obstacles that stand in the way of our prayer lives from time to time. Keep reading for suggestions for overcoming them. 

Lack of Time

As I have said 100 times, we are busy moms, and finding time to do anything is sometimes a struggle. Setting aside a specific time during the day for something is even harder than just trying to fit it in.

One thing you can do is break your prayer time into shorter, more manageable sessions. 

Throughout this post, I have given examples of how to incorporate prayer into your day. Instead of having one 30-minute (or more) prayer, you may have to have 6 5-minute prayers. 


As moms, we know there are distractions. We try to teach our children ways to avoid them when they are doing chores or homework. We may need to teach ourselves as well. 

Prayer is often a quiet time. When you are quiet or the environment is quiet, your brain starts getting really noisy. You may get distracted by your to-do list, social media, random thoughts, or things about which you are worrying. 

Before giving you a suggestion for how to deal with distractions, I want to say that you can give all of those things to God. He wants to help with your to-do list, thoughts, and worries. If you are spending too much time on social media, He can help with that too.

If you need to overcome distractions, try to find a quiet spot. Use candles or music to calm the environment. Hold on to a prayer cloth or your prayer journal while you are in your quiet space. 

Lack of Motivation

If you seem to be struggling with a lack of motivation, try changing up your prayer routine. Add in some of the creative prayer ideas discussed earlier. You could also try to read a devotional book or a Christian living book to help gain some inspiration and motivation. 

If you’re looking for a great book to read, try out I’ll Say Yes by Amber Olafsson

Feeling Disconnected from God

There are times as Christians when we feel like our prayers are hitting the ceiling or falling on deaf ears. It seems like God isn’t answering or that His only answer to us is NO

Try focusing on gratitude in your prayers. Thank God for what He has done and is doing. Even when it doesn’t feel like it, God is still working in our lives. He can still hear our hearts and our prayers. 

He will answer everything in His timing, not ours. 

My pastor says “Praise God on credit.” Thank Him for what you know is coming, Give Him credit for all the things that you are asking for, even before He has done them. 

Obstacles Wrap Up

When we can see, identify, and overcome the obstacles in our way, our prayers can become deeper. Then we will be able to strengthen our relationship with God and find greater peace in our daily chaos. 


As moms, it is challenging to find time for prayer in our daily lives. This means that sometimes the demands of life cause us to struggle in building a strong spiritual connection with God. 

However, adding some of these creative prayer ideas for moms into your life may help. You can use the morning or evening routines, take a prayer walk, pray throughout the day, and try out new ideas like art in your prayers. 

Although we are trying to become stronger in our faith and more consistent in our prayer lives, there will be obstacles, like the lack of time, distractions, and feeling disconnected from God. 

When we make prayer a non-negotiable part of our daily routines and find ways to make it happen, we will be able to find joy, peace, and strength in our journeys as Christian moms. 

Prayer is a powerful tool, and God is always with you. He is guiding you and supporting you throughout your day, every step of the way. 

Trust and lean on Him. 

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