10 Reasons to Begin Scrapbooking for Moms

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As a mom, we love to find ways to keep family memories so that we can look back on them. Today, I’m going to give you 10 Reasons to Begin Scrapbooking for moms. 

My Scrapbooking Story

I have a friend who used to sell Creative Memories. If you don’t know about them, it’s a company that sells papers, stickers, albums, and everything else you need for scrapbooking. 

For about 3 years, I told her I just didn’t have time. I couldn’t commit to trying something and not completing it. I’m a very Type A personality; I dislike leaving things incomplete. 

Every month (sometimes a couple of times a month), this friend and a group of ladies who love to scrapbook would get together to work on their albums and gifts. I could go there and hang out to work, but I kept saying NO.

A local high school was having a fundraiser, and my friend was part of it. She was going to give 10% of her Creative Memories sales to the school that day. I decided to help her (and the school) out, and I bought an album, some paper, and some adhesive. I told her I wanted the basics. 

Now, many years later, I have volumes of scrapbooks. I created them for my daughter. I started with the first ultrasound picture we have of her and went to her first birthday in my first album. The next albums start with the day after her birthday and go until her birthday the following year. 

Each album is one year. Some years have multiple (2-3) volumes, but they cover the same time frame. Each year is color coded so all the volumes from one year match in color. 

Unfortunately, as she got older my time became a little less “mine” because of sports, dance, and gymnastics. Now, in “scrapbook years,” she is completing 1st grade. In real life, she’s almost 20. I told her I’m only scrapbooking through graduation. After that, it’s her responsibility.

I have recently moved my scrapbooking supplies to my office and plan to get back to work on them in the very near future. 

My reasons to begin scrapbooking are probably very similar to yours. I wanted a fun way to keep the memories of my daughter’s childhood alive. It allowed me to create something to give her so she could remember the fun things from when she was younger. Finally, scrapbooking allowed me to make some great friends. 

Reasons to Begin Scrapbooking

There are probably 100s of reasons to begin scrapbooking. However, I’m going to give you 10 reasons today, and I think you’ll be able to relate to at least some of them.

Leave me a comment to let me know why you began scrapbooking or why you want to begin scrapbooking.

Let’s begin.

Reason #1 Preserving Memories

Scrapbooking allows you to preserve memories of special times and moments in your family’s life. When you create a scrapbooking page, you are able to put all the details of milestones and events that you want to remember for years to come. You can add in the embarrassing things that happened, or you can “delete” those from your past. 

Reason #2 Creative Outlet

Scrapbooking is an amazing outlet for your creativity. You can express your artistic side. Plus, it allows you to play with different colors, textures, and materials. This is really rewarding for moms because a lot of us don’t have time for other hobbies.

The best part of scrapbooking, for me, is that I can make each page as wild or as calm as I want. I have some pages that are a solid background and a 2” square box with 5-10 words written in it. Other times, I have really wild ideas, like creating a sunrise in the background, with paper over a two-page spread. (Yes, I did this!) 

Reason #3 Bonding with Children

I loved it when my daughter went with me to scrapbook. Most of the time, she would work on something for herself with pictures I didn’t use. There were times I would ask her for her opinion on papers, backgrounds, pictures, stickers, layouts, or anything else. 

Scrapbooking can be fun with your children. It’s a great way to bond with them over the memories you are preserving for later. 

Reason #4 Stress Relief

If you are looking for a relaxing activity, scrapbooking fits that. It allows you to focus on something creative and you can think about the memories to escape the stresses of daily life for just a little bit. If you are a stressed or overwhelmed mom, you can use scrapbooking to recharge and unwind.

Reason #5 Gift-Giving

If you want to give a unique gift to friends or family, you can create scrapbook pages or albums. For example, if your sister uses the same size scrapbooks as you, then you can make her some pages using pictures you have of her family or the two of you together. 

On the other hand, if the person does not have an album in which to put the pages, you may need to create an album for him/her. They come in a variety of sizes and numbers of pages, so you can find something to fit your needs. 

Reason #6 Preserving Family History

Scrapbooking is an amazing way to preserve the history of your family for future generations. By creating these scrapbooking pages or albums, you can document your family’s past and pass down all the stories to the children and grandchildren of your family. 

Reason #7 Personal Growth

If you want to challenge yourself creatively and/or learn a new skill, scrapbooking can be a great way to do that. When you experiment with different styles, techniques, and patterns, you could find that you develop new talents. It is also probable that you will gain confidence in your abilities. 

I know that I did. When I first began, I would ask my friend for help on almost every page. After a while, I was able to complete most of my pages without help. Of course, she helped me with my crazy design ideas, sometimes. 

Reason #8 Gratitude and Reflection

Scrapbooking is a great way to reflect on the good things that have happened in your life. You can be grateful for them as you remember them. When you are scrapbooking, you will be able to create pages for special events, relationships, and memories. Overall, you will find that you are more positive when you are grateful for things. 

Reason #9 Community Building

When I began scrapbooking, it was with a group of about 6-10 ladies. We got together once a month and worked on our own projects and albums. However, we talked, danced, ate, sang, and had a lot of fun together. 

Though you will probably be working on your own things, scrapbooking can be quite social. You can join a group or attend a crop. Depending on how far you are willing to travel, there are scrapbooking retreats as well. Groups, crops, and retreats are great ways for moms to connect and share hobbies and interests.

Reason #10 Self-Expression

Scrapbooking is a great way to express yourself and tell your story the way you want it to be told. When you create pages, they reflect your personality and experiences. You get to share a little piece of yourself with others and feel more connected to your own identity. Let’s be honest, as moms, we sometimes lose our identity. 


I love scrapbooking. I’m currently looking for a local group with whom I can scrapbook. I know I’d get so much more accomplished if I went somewhere to work instead of trying to do it at home.

However, scrapbooking is something that you can do at home, on vacation, or at a crop or retreat. If you have never tried scrapbooking, it really is fun and creative. 

I guess I should tell you that I am very much a paper scrapbooker, but there is a way to do it digitally as well. But, I don’t know how to do that. I’d have to learn it to answer any questions.

In my opinion, every mom should do some kind of scrapbooking, either paper or digital. It’s a great way to have those memories in one place to look back on later. Remember, it doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. It can be a picture on a page with a note to remember what was happening. That counts.

Get those pictures off your phone or camera and scrapbook them. You’ll be happy you did.

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