10 Things I Wish I Knew as a New Christian

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10 things i wish I knew as a new Christian

If you’re a new Christian, this post is for you. Here are some tips for new Christians that I didn’t learn until many years into my Christian journey.

It’s been a while since I could be considered a “new” Christian. I was saved when I was in elementary school. Over the years, I strayed and came back. Now, I’m becoming more dedicated by the day, and I hope that is how God sees it as well. Today, I want to discuss 10 things I wish I knew as a new Christian.

Tips for New Christians #1–Prayer Doesn’t Have to be Long and/or Formal. 

Man in red plaid praying with hands clasped over the BibleI know you have heard the long, drawn-out prayers that some people say. They use big words and sound so educated in their prayers. Sometimes those prayers last for 2-3 minutes, and you wonder if it will ever end. 

Prayer doesn’t have to be like that. It can be a short sentence if that is what you feel in your heart. If you have a 30-minute prayer in your heart, that’s great too. 

You can pray aloud or silently. Be sure to listen to what God is saying to you as much as you speak to Him. 

I do believe that we should pray the scriptures in order to make our prayers more effective and fervent. Check out this post if you want to learn to pray the scriptures.

Tips for New Christians #2–Connect with Believers Outside of Church Services

Attending church services and events is important. You can meet a lot of believers there and make connections. However, attending church should not be the only place that you are around other Christians. 

Where can you connect with other Christians? 

group of people together for a pictureAttend a Bible study. It could be at someone’s home or at a local cafe’ or coffee shop. 

Go to a Christian book club. You can probably find one online to join in your area.

Be part of the women’s ministry group or a group for your age at the church. These groups typically have a lot of fun and food! 

Travel to a women’s/men’s retreat with a group of friends or women/men from the church who are believers. I have never been on one of these, but I have heard stories about the testimonies that have come from them.

Look for a Christian conference near you and go. There will probably be music, classes, and fellowship. Go be around a lot of people there who are new to being a Christian. You won’t be alone. Meet new people. Make new friends. Learn about things to do in town that are fun for Christians. 

Tips for New Christians #3–Share the News with Friends and Family

The longer you wait to tell people that you have accepted Christ as your Savior, the harder it can be. Tell your friends and family. They may have questions. Some may have concerns. Others may not believe you. Once you have told them, the ball is in their court. All you have to do is live your new life as a Christian. They will be able to see the difference in you. 

My biggest suggestion for doing this is to pray about it first. Be kind, even if they are not accepting or believing. It may be intimidating, but God will guide you through what you should say and do.  Trust Him to help you.

Tips for New Christians #4–Bible Study Shouldn’t be a Burden

As a new Christian, you know you should read your Bible. You know that reading it every day is best. However, you also know that you have a crazy busy schedule in which you need to make time for Bible study.

The first thing you should know about Bible reading is that God understands if you forget or cannot read one day. You aren’t expected to be perfect. 


Just begin to make it a habit by including it more often in your daily schedule. Figure out a schedule that works for you and stick to it. Me, I read before I get out of bed in the mornings. I have my Bible and notebook beside my bed. In the morning, I sit up and grab my glasses and read. I try to get myself to do this before I get on my phone, but some days I don’t. That’s fine too. As long as I do my Bible study. I can tell the difference in the day if I don’t read before I do other things. 

Man holding a yellow highlighter over a Bible, markers in a cupSupplies

Get a Bible and references you can understand and use them. Find a translation that connects to you and read it. Ask a mentor for apps that you can use for study or for listening to the Bible being read. 

I have a few translations of the Bible, but I prefer my King James Version. Right now, I am reading the One Year Bible; it’s broken into 365 daily readings. I love it. 

For next year’s Bible study, I have gotten 2 books/Bibles so far. I may be getting another chronological study to use with these two for 2023.

First, I have the God’s Words My Thoughts Bible for Teen Girls. (I got it because it’s a neat journaling Bible–and it’s PURPLE!)

Second, I have the Nelson KJV Bible Commentary. It has verse-by-verse commentary through the Bible. 


Ask questions. If you don’t understand something, ask a mentor or pastor for help. 

Before reading/studying, ask God for understanding. He will guide you in your reading if you are following a plan (like my One Year Bible), or He will lead you to specific passages to read. 

Most importantly, know that you won’t understand everything you read. It’s alright. As you read and study more, you will understand better.

Tips for New Christians #5–You Won’t Know It All or Be Perfect

You will stumble. God gives you grace, but that is not a license to sin freely. 

As I said, you will understand more as you grow closer to God. 

Tips for New Christians #6–Things Don’t/Won’t Change Overnight

clear hourglass with pink sand running through it.Sometimes when we pray, God changes things immediately. Most of the time, though, the answers arrive a little more slowly. It’s a process. 

Old habits are hard to break, and temptations will arise. Allow grace for yourself and know that God will help you become who He has purposed in His plan. 

Tips for New Christians #7–Find a Mentor

When you are a new Christian, you will have questions. That’s great. 

Find a mentor, another believer who has been a Christian longer than you. Mentors work great for diets and exercise; imagine how well they can work for prayer and Bible study. 

A mentor will help guide you through things spiritually and answer questions that arise in your daily life. You can connect to him/her as often as you need to; just be sure to know when he/she isn’t available.

Tips for New Christians #8–Some Days You Won’t Feel God

As I Christian, I have often heard it said that we live by faith and not by feelings. However, there are times when you want to feel God by your side, and you don’t. 

No matter whether you can feel Him or not, God is always with you. He never leaves us or forsakes us (Hebrews 13:5). 

There are times because of situations (or stuff), we don’t feel Him. Just know that when you don’t feel Him beside you, He is still guiding your steps. There are times He is carrying you, and you don’t know until you look back at that situation later. 

Tips for New Christians #9–Keep a List of Prayer Requests and Answered Prayers

white marble background, brown wooden slab laying under a white journal, silver pin, and 3 bolls of cottonUse a notebook, corkboard, whiteboard, or whatever fits your style.

Write down the prayer request with a date. When the prayer is answered, write down the answer and the date. 

This helps to keep your prayers focused and reminds us to include praises! 

Tips for New Christians #10–Share Your Faith

You can share your faith through so many things. 

Be open about your faith, but don’t ignore the great commandment of loving your neighbor while trying to accomplish the Great Commission. 

Share faith in your lifestyle–books, movies, music, clothes, and speech. Include God in your daily activities. Allow others to see you praying over food or in a hard time. 

Don’t be ashamed or afraid to share your faith. I have some great things to help with expressing your faith in my Etsy shop

Tips for New Christians–Bonus

Find groups and creators on social media to follow. You can follow me on Instagram or Facebook for Christian motivation.


As a new Christian, I know you are getting a lot of information from so many sources. My biggest tips for new Christians are to find a mentor and fit praying and Bible study into your schedule. 

When you do those things, the other things seem a little easier to handle. 

New Christians, what are some of the questions you have? 

Mature Christians, what are some other tips you have? 

If you see a question in the comment, be polite and answer it. Keep it friendly and know that everyone is at a different place in his/her Christian walk. Give words of encouragement if anyone asks questions you know the answers to.

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