10 Gifts for Readers that Aren’t Books 2022

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I am a reader and a writer. Because of this, I am always looking for gifts for readers that aren’t books. I love being able to send links to those gifts to my friends and family (around Christmas and my birthday). 

I love taking the time to read. This year, I have read 7 books–3 nonfiction and 4 fiction. I’m currently reading the Bible, a nonfiction book, and a fiction book. I typically have 3-4 books going at one time. I try to read for a little while every day, but I don’t always get to do that. I think I will put that as one of my goals/challenges–making time to read for 30 straight days. 

I’ve always heard that it only takes 21 days to make a habit. If that’s true, then reading for 30 days should help me create a habit of it. 

Today, I’m going to share the list of non-book gifts for readers. (Hint: If you know me and want to send me any of these, feel free.) If you don’t know me, get these for your favorite book lover. 

Gifts for Readers #1: Book Light

girl and mom with book using flashlight to see pages in the darkA rechargeable book light is a great gift. If your book lover likes reading in bed, a book light is necessary. Overhead lighting is never good enough to be able to see the pages when you are lying down or reclining. 

A book light will allow the reader to adjust where the light hits the page and, depending on the light itself, how much and what color light is used. 

If you are getting a book light for your reader, be sure to get one that is rechargeable so that he/she can use it without having to run to the store for batteries. 

Gifts for Readers #2: Cozy Blanket

A book-themed blanket for reading on cold nights is another requirement. This is one of those gifts for readers who love to cuddle up on white couch with gray pillows, blanket, and book on itthe couch or in front of the fireplace to read. 

I’d love to have a book nook, and I might make one in my house soon. I’ll have a cozy blanket in there to use only when I’m reading. It will be a special blanket to use when I’m cozying up with a book. 

You can get any kind of blanket for this, but a book-themed one is at the top of my list of gifts for readers. 

Gifts for Readers #3: Book-themed Mug

A personalized book mug for your favorite reader (or yourself) is a great idea. When I saw these, I knew I was sending the link to my sister book with a hand holding it and the other hand holding a mug of coffeeand my mom. Hopefully, they won’t both get the exact same one. 

The mugs at this link can be personalized with the name of your favorite book lover or you can get one made for yourself. 

Just about any reader will love a personalized mug for his/her favorite hot beverage while enjoying a book. 

Gifts for Readers #4: Book Tote

hand placing a book into a khaki canvas toteA book tote that looks like an old-school library due date card would be a cute gift for any book lover. I actually know a few librarians and people who run school media centers who would love this. 

This could make a great gift for a teacher as well, especially an English teacher. I would have loved to receive one of these when I was teaching. 

Grab a book tote as a gift for the reader on your list so that he/she can have a place to carry books in style. 

Gifts for Readers #5: Bookmarks

white bookmark with red rose and green stem on it held by a hand in an open bookThis set of 72 Christian bookmarks will make anyone’s day. There are 24 different designs. You could break up this set and give them to 3 different readers. So if you have several book lovers on your Christmas shopping list, get a couple of these 72-piece sets and separate them for your readers. 

Every reader needs bookmarks, but we never really use them. We love having them available, but most of the time we grab napkins, receipts, or anything else nearby to mark our place. Maybe if we had these beautiful Christian bookmarks, we would be more willing to use them and keep up with them. 

Gifts for Readers #6: Book T-Shirt

This shirt that says “So many books, so little time” is one of my favorites. I love saying that, especially when I haven’t made time to read lately.

Grab this shirt as one of your gifts for readers this year. It is a gift he/she could wear all year long. 

Gifts for Readers #7: Sticky Tabs and Post-it Notes

hand holding a book with a pink tab that says "important" in black markerThese sticky tabs come in 3 styles and 10 colors. There are 1200 total pieces in the set. Your reader can use them to mark the pages of special things in his/her books. 

This set of sticky notes is great for keeping up with things to remember or for annotating a book. This will help the book lover on your list will love being able to take notes about his/her book without actually writing in it. Some of us like to take notes, but we don’t want to write in our books. These sticky notes are a great alternative. 

Gifts for Readers #8: Personal Library Kit

shelves filled with many booksThis personal library kit has bookplates, a date stamp, and due date cards. Each book lover will be able to mark the books in his/her collection. This will help if/when the book is loaned out to someone else. 

Some book lovers will not loan out books, but some do, and this personal library kit would be a great way to keep track of all of the books in his/her library. 

We actually need two in my house. My daughter and I are both book lovers who have larger personal libraries. We’d need to mark our books so our collections don’t get mixed together. (Just a note: our collections are already mixed, and we can’t always remember whose books are whose.) 

Gifts for Readers #9: Book Jewelry

A book heartbeat necklace is a fantastic gift for the book lover in your life. She will be able to express her love for books without having to say a word. This will catch the eye of many people, and she can start a conversation about her favorite books and characters. 

Gifts for Readers #10: Books to Read Poster

This scratch-off poster offers 100 books to read. As the book lover reads the book, he/she can scratch it off to reveal the artwork underneath. It comes in a few different colors, and it’s available for adults and children. 

Although I’m picking about the books that I read, I think I’d love to have one of these for 100 classic books. I think I’d also, probably, read the 100 young adult (or children’s) books, if I had those lists. 

I’m always looking for new books to read, and people who give me books don’t usually pick my types of books as gifts. So I think that this poster with books to read listed for me would be a great gift. I have secretly always wanted one so that I could scratch the titles to reveal the cover art. 


This list of gifts for readers that aren’t books is a great place to start when your Christmas shopping list has readers and book lovers on it. I try never to buy books for others unless I know specifically what authors or books they like. When I give books, I want to know they are going to be loved and enjoyed.

Instead of books, I try to give book-related gifts. This year, I will be using this list for the book lovers and readers on my list. 

What other bookish gifts for readers can you think of? What is the best non-book gift for readers have you gotten? 

Start a conversation in the comments about bookish gifts for readers.

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