Power of Encouragement: How to Build Up Your Children

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Encouragement is the act of giving support, praise, love, and affirmation to someone. It can be as simple as a kind word or a pat on the back. Something even that small can make a world of difference in someone’s life. Encouragement helps build confidence, resilience, and a positive outlook on life.

Encouragement is a lot of things, and it is extremely positive. However, we should keep in mind that encouragement is not over-praising or giving false praise and compliments. For Christian moms, it is acknowledging the efforts and progress our children make. This will help our children to develop a growth mindset and be able to understand that success isn’t only about our natural talents. Success comes with persevering and working hard. 

Encouragement as a Tool

Encouragement is one of the most powerful tools that we have as parents. We can use it as a tool to positively shape our children’s lives. When we encourage our children, we give them and model the emotional support they need to thrive. We are building them up in positive ways. Encouragement helps our children foster and develop a sense of self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem, and resilience when facing adversity. 

Encouragement in Our Homes

As Christian moms, it is crucial that we create and cultivate an environment of encouragement in our homes. This means that we should earnestly try to make our homes a space where our children feel valued, supported, and loved. It is a place where our children can come and know we will love and accept them, flaws and all. An environment like this will help our children to feel secure and confident, and that is essential for their spiritual and emotional growth.

We can use encouragement to build up our children, help them develop their unique gifts and special talents, and inspire them to be all that God has created them to be. 

Encouragement in Our Daily Lives

Encouragement is available in many different forms. It can be acts of kindness, gentle constructive feedback, or verbal praise. When we encourage our children, we are teaching and showing them that we believe in them. They will also learn that we have faith in their potential and their abilities. For children and others around us, this can be an amazing motivator. It can help push them through obstacles or challenges they may face along the way. 

Examples of Encouragement

Speak Positive Words

When we speak to our children and others around us, we should use positive and uplifting words. This will affirm their strengths and help them to gain the motivation they need to push forward and grow in the areas where they aren’t as strong. 

Celebrate Accomplishments

When our children accomplish something, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, we should celebrate. Let them know we are proud of them, and it will encourage them to continue to work hard and do more things.

Show an Interest

As our children develop their own activities and hobbies, we should show a genuine interest. Sometimes this may be hard. For example, if your child loves playing golf, but you can’t stand the sport. However, show an interest in what your child is doing and/or what he/she loves to talk about.

We should ask our children about their day and sincerely listen when they speak. Learn about what they are doing and take an interest in the things that interest them. 

Actively Listen

When our children want to talk, we should listen. By doing this, we can show them that we value their thoughts and opinions. It’s not always easy to stop what we are doing to listen to our children speak to us. However, we should try to stop, or we should make time to talk to our children daily. We can let them know that we want to hear what they are saying. 

One way that we can be sure that our children know we are listening is by asking them questions to get to know them and what is going on in their lives. In this post, I supply some questions to get you started with asking your children questions.

Pray for Them

This is the last thing on the list, but it is not the last thing we can/should be doing to encourage our children and those around us. In our prayers, we can ask God to guide, help, protect, and provide for our children and other people in our lives. This simple, yet powerful act, can help our children to grow in their Christian character and faith. 


The power of encouragement is undeniable, and it is a tool that can impact the lives of our children significantly. As Christian moms, we have the opportunity to build up our children and others around us with simple acts of encouragement. When we cultivate an environment of encouragement in our homes, we can help our children feel loved, valued, wanted, and supported. Using positive and uplifting words, celebrating accomplishments, showing interest, listening actively, and praying for our children allows us to help them build character and confidence. Having an environment like this at home allows us to raise our children to have a growth mindset, confidence, resilience, and a positive outlook on their lives. All of these things are essential for our children to grow emotionally and spiritually.

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