Share Your Faith in Some Creative Ways

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Creative Ways to Share Your Faith

Are you looking for creative ways to share your faith? You’re in luck! Today, I’m going to give you FOURTEEN ideas.

Over the past week or so, I have been sharing about FAITH. First, I answered the question “What is Faith?” In the next post, I gave you 12 ways to grow your faith

Today, I’m going to wrap up this mini-series with 14 creative ways to share your faith. 

Steps to Share Your Faith

As with anything we try, there are some steps to accomplish it. That’s true with sharing your faith as well. 

First, you should pray. Ask God to lead you to the right people and places to share your faith. 

Second, be courageous. Step out and share when God answers your prayer (in step 1). He will give you the courage to complete the task and the words to say.

Third, start the conversation. Tell someone that Jesus loves him/her or that you will be praying for him/her. Invite him/her to attend church or a church function with you. 

Fourth, keep it simple. Don’t overcomplicate things. If you invite someone to church, don’t explain everything in the invitation. For example, if you have 2 services, 3 pastors, and a 12-person worship team, he/she doesn’t need to know all that when you ask him/her to come to service with you. 

If there is a special service, say, “Hey. In a couple of weeks at church, we are doing this cool thing for (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Veteran’s Day, Super Bowl Sunday, etc.).  Every year, it’s a lot of fun, and I’d love for you to come with me.”

No matter the answer the person gives, have something with the date, time, and location on it to hand him/her. Then, unless he/she starts asking questions about it, you can change the subject to something else. 

See? Keep it simple. (Does anyone see the irony in the fact that my “keep it simple” explanation is the longest so far?)

Finally, make the most of every opportunity. When you are eating with someone, excuse yourself from the conversation long enough to pray over your food. When you are talking, include something about your church or from the Bible in your conversation. Obviously, don’t be obnoxious about it, but speak up when you get the chance.

14 Creative Ways to Share Your Faith

Now, we are getting to the reason you clicked on the link to get here. Some of these ways may sound a little crazy, but they do work. Find a couple of them and try them out. Then come back to the comments to let me know how it went. 

Create a Faith-based Business

In my research, this is where a lot of bloggers pitch you on trying to get you to join their business program. There are a lot of faith-based companies with products for you to sell. If you want to work for/with one of those, do it. 

However, there are other things you can do for yourself that don’t involve selling products that others designed and/or recruiting a team. (Again, no bashing. I have tried some of those things.) 

You could DIY furniture and refinish it. Every day, there are a lot of pieces on the Facebook Marketplace for free or cheap that you could refinish and sell. Some of the pieces I have seen are amazing and you can make a good profit on them. 

If working with furniture isn’t your thing, but you like the idea of upcycling (making older things into something new), maybe you could DIY clothes or shoes. 

You could paint, knit, crochet, or create things and sell them on Etsy. 

If you aren’t sure about any of these things, you can check out 20 Ways to Work from Home and find something there. If you work it ethically and base your business on the values of your faith, it will show. 

Pray about it. Ask God what He would have you begin doing as a faith-based business. 

Start a Christian Blog

If you are reading this, then you have an example. However, I am not the first to do this. 

For a blog, you really just need a place to host it, and I cover that in the 20 Ways to Work From Home post. 

You will also need to know your audience. I write for Christian moms. My blog covers Christian motivation, inspiration, and lifestyle. I also include tips and tricks for family things like holidays, vacations, school, homeschooling, and (sometimes) coping with ADHD and anxiety. There is also a section on Bible study and prayers–like prayer journaling, Bible journaling, and why we should study the Bible at all. 

Before you begin writing, do a little research. See what is out there. If someone else is writing to the person you want to reach, that’s a great thing. It means you have an audience. All you need to do is come up with a different angle to reach them. 

Think of things like Christian moms, dads, foster parents, siblings, teens, college students, nurses, grandparents, teachers, doctors, and so much more. You could also write for new Christians. 

Just know that in order to teach someone else, you don’t need to be a complete expert, you only need to be 2-3 steps ahead of the other person. Plus, that could definitely make you more relatable to your audience. 

Share on Social Media

If you start a business or a blog, you will need social media in order to get your name out there. 

While you are on social media, do a “check-in” when you arrive at church for any functions. It will alert your friends and family. This is one way that you don’t have to say a word to share your faith. Others will just see it as they are scrolling.

Also, be sure to share your church’s live feed online on Sundays (and other service times). 

Post stories on Facebook and Instagram about how God is blessing you and your family. 

Share Bible study tips and insights online through Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest

Use social media to invite others to church–through invites or messages. 

Host a Bible Study

This may sound scary, but there are some amazing resources to help you do this. Plus, you could do it at home, on Zoom, or at a coffee shop or the library. 

Check out the fabulous resources for Bible study at The Daily Grace Co. That’s where I get my current studies from, and I love them. 

Wear Your Faith

This is another of those ways where you can share your faith without having to say too much. However, when I carry my tote with a Bible verse on it or wear a Christian t-shirt, I often get a lot of comments from people. 

Find something that you can wear or carry that shares your faith. It will usually start a conversation with the people around you. Try it, and come back to let me know in the comments how it worked for you.

Set Your Wi-Fi Name to Point to Christ

I am including this one because I love seeing the names of wi-fi networks. When you are trying to connect to a network, you see all the ones that are available around you.

I once had a neighbor with 2 teenage sons. One of the sons apparently knew how to reset the password on the family wi-fi. When I was connecting my computer one day, I saw “BabyBrotherCantGameToday” as a network. 

So, set your network to something like “JesusLovesYou” or “LoveThyNeighbor” or “John316.” That way when someone comes over and asks to connect, you get to explain why you set it to say that. (You can make the password something like that as well if you can’t change the name of your wi-fi.)

Host a Movie Night or Game Night

Have some of your friends over for a night of food and fun. Play games, like Apples to Apples, So You Think You Know the Bible, Taboo! Bible Edition, or Scattergories Bible Edition.

If games aren’t your style, watch movies. I suggest Fireproof, War Room, and Faith Like Potatoes

Display Christian Decor

Find some nice pieces of Christian decor, and place them in your home or your office. 

Send Handwritten Letters

You can write letters to friends or family for birthdays, holidays, or just because. We really don’t send enough letters in the mail. Now, we tend to be too busy, and we send texts, emails, or voicemails (because we don’t have time to answer the phone).

Make and Deliver a Meal

Sometimes our friends and family are having a hard day. Other times they have had big things like deaths or new babies. 

Fix a meal, or buy a meal, and take it over to the family. If they can’t come to the door, leave it somewhere that nothing can get to it (like in a box or insulated bag) and send a text to let them know it’s there. 

Give Faith-based Gifts

When birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or any day come around, find some faith-based gifts for friends and family. 

This could be artwork, jewelry, or clothes. You can find a lot of these on Amazon and Etsy. If you wanted to, you could set up a subscription box, like the Faithbox, for your friend and pay for it for a year. 

Host a Book Club

I am a book nerd who loves to read, and reading Christian books is amazing. I love to be able to discuss them with others as well.

Start a book club with some friends and read some of your favorite Christian books. To be honest, I recently joined a new book club (online) and our first book is I’ll Say Yes. The author of the book is going to be one of the hosts of the club. I’m excited to discuss her book with her. Again, this is one of those ways to share your faith that you can do in public or in your home. 

Many bookstores (especially the smaller ones) and coffee shops will allow you to have small meetings there. If you do it in public, others, who aren’t there for the book club, may hear the discussion. You could share your faith without speaking directly to anyone. 

Offer to Help Others

When we help others, we can serve God through our actions. If you are physically able to help someone and can do it, offer to help. He/she may not accept the help, but you have shown the love of God to him/her by offering your help.

We can serve God by serving others. 

Offer to Pray for Others

When someone is struggling with something, ask if you can pray for him/her. If possible, say a quick prayer at that moment. 

If praying right then isn’t possible, grab your phone or paper and pencil to write down the person’s name and need. When you get home (or wherever you keep your prayer journal), write the prayer request on your prayer list. Actually, remember to pray about the situation. 


I know that some of these creative ways to share your faith may seem a little out there. However, we are called to share our faith. Sometimes we have to be uncomfortable to do it. 

God will give you grace, courage, strength, and words for when you share your faith. 

Step out on faith and seize the moment.

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