Hearing God's Voice

Hearing God’s Voice

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Hearing God’s voice brings us more guidance and comfort than anything else when we are facing life’s challenges. 

When we connect with Him and can receive messages from Him, it will give us direction, clarity, and peace. 

Hearing God’s voice is a personal experience in the spiritual realm that can’t be matched in the physical world. It is where He gives us a deeper understanding and stronger wisdom of the things of God.

When we open our hearts to hearing God’s voice, it is an invitation for Him to send wisdom, love, and grace into our lives. These attributes will shape our actions, decisions, and path in life. 

God gives us guidance, support, and protection through all of the triumphs and trials along our journey. 

Hearing God’s voice requires effort, spiritual discipline, and patience. The experience and process are very different for every person; however, the steps to facilitate a deeper connection with God and make it easier to hear His voice are similar for everyone. 

Now, keep reading as, together, we explore the steps to hearing God’s voice more prominently in our lives. 

Having a Strong Relationship with God

Every person, sinner or Christian, has a relationship with God. There is no one on earth for whom God doesn’t have a heart full of love. Our responsibility, as Christians, is to nurture a positive, loving, strong, and fruitful relationship with God.

Why a Personal Relationship with God is Important

To hear God’s voice, we have to have a personal relationship with Him. Without it, we won’t be able to hear when He speaks to us. We have to nurture the relationship as well, and that will help us to have the strong spiritual foundation that we need to stand on when we receive messages from God. The strong foundation allows us to interpret those messages clearly and effectively.

Have a Habit of Daily Prayer and Meditation

To hear God’s voice, we have to build our relationship with Him. Prayer is an amazing way to communicate with God and build our relationships. The Bible says (James 5:16 KJV), “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” In those prayers, we spill our hearts, telling God our desires, gratitude, and concerns. 

When we meditate, we are allowing Him to speak to us so that we can hear God’s voice. Our minds are quiet and still. If we listen intently, we can hear a still small voice speaking to us because God doesn’t always speak loudly. 

Ushering in His Presence with Praise and Worship

Gratitude and praise are very interconnected. Praising God is a form of gratitude. We thank and praise God for everything He is to us and for us.

You can start a gratitude journal to keep track of everything God does and is. If you need help with prompts, you can grab my Gratitude Cards for a little inspiration. That will also sign you up for my newsletter with great tips and tricks for busy Christian moms. These are great to help build an attitude of gratitude in your life.

In order to connect to God, praise and worship are important. It doesn’t matter if we are in a church service or our secret place, our prayer room, worshiping opens our hearts to hearing God’s voice. 

Hearing God’s Voice in the Silence

Having a conversation with God means that we speak to Him, and He speaks to us. As we are praying, praising, and worshiping, we have to allow time for silence so that hearing God’s voice is possible. 

Why Silence is Important to Hearing God’s Voice

Our world is chaotic. As Christian moms, we definitely know how crazy life can be. We are so busy running around with the kids and our families that we don’t always know when we will have time to do anything for ourselves. That’s why making time to carve out a few moments of silence becomes critical to hearing God’s voice. 

Silence and stillness are the pipelines to communication with God. We can ignore all the things going on around us–our phones, television, books, school, work, and anything else. We can embrace silence and make a good environment for receiving messages from God. 

Reducing Distractions and Finding Time Alone

Hearing God’s voice takes practice. I don’t mean practice hearing Him. I mean practice reducing and eliminating distractions that interrupt our ability to listen to His voice. We may have to disconnect from technology, block off time with God on our daily schedules, and create a place–like a prayer closet–where we can talk to God without interruptions. Intentionally disconnecting ourselves from the world’s chaos puts us in a place to connect more deeply with God. 

Hearing God’s Voice Through Scripture

Recently, like in March of this year, I joined a Christian women’s book club online. It’s amazing. There are women from all over the US, and there are some from Australia as well. 

Anyways, the first book we read was called I’ll Say Yes. If you haven’t read it, you should grab it. It’s about hearing God’s voice and saying YES to what He is asking you to do.

The book we just finished in April (we read one a month) is called The Discerner. It’s amazing too. It is so timely, and every Christian should read it or listen to it. 

This month, May, we are reading The Deborah Mantle. It’s a brand new release–like a couple of days ago. I have only read the first chapter, and I can’t believe that all three of these books have been speaking directly to me. 

(I’m including my Amazon affiliate links if you want to grab any of these books. You really should get them.) 

I said all of that to say that we can hear God’s voice through all of our senses and abilities. In reading these books, God has spoken a few things to me. I can’t wait to see what else He is going to say through the rest of the books for the book club.  If you want to join, you can send me a DM on Instagram. I can get you the information and the link.

Scripture’s Role in Hearing God’s Voice

We’ve all heard it said that the Bible is our “roadmap,” right? If that’s true, reading scripture is how we follow that roadmap. It’s how we learn how to hear God’s voice. The Bible has timeless wisdom, teachings, and stories of faith that give us information about the nature and character of God and what He wants for us, His children. 

Having Regular Bible Study Time

Bible study is crucial to our relationship with God. It helps us to grow in wisdom and develop an ear for hearing God’s voice. When we set aside time for Bible study every day, we can allow ourselves to become enveloped with His truths. Delve into the pages of the Bible and read the stories of other faithful men and women who heard and listened to God’s voice. Gain wisdom from their experiences and use them for inspiration in your own journey. 

Studying the Bible alone can be difficult. You can always seek out others with whom to study. There are some amazing benefits to having Bible study in groups. 

Don’t forget, as Christian moms, we should also include our children in Bible study time, sometimes. Build your relationship with your kids throughout this period, and show them how to get closer to God.

I wrote a post about various approaches you can take if you need some advice on how to study the Bible

Finding Guidance and Wisdom in Scripture 

When we are faced with big choices or decisions, and we are seeking God’s guidance, turning to the Bible will provide direction and clarity. Read relevant passages; study Jesus’ teachings. Meditate on verses that ring true in your situation. Open yourself up to gathering God’s insight and wisdom. Scripture is a compass to help us align our hearts and minds to hearing God’s voice. 

Hearing the Inner Voice

God’s Voice, Our Thoughts, and Other Influences

Hearing God’s voice takes a sense of awareness of all the influences that shape our thoughts and emotions. We must be able to discern between hearing God’s voice, thinking our own thoughts, and being influenced by things around us. 

The voice of God will have peace, truth, and alignment with the scriptures. Our thoughts and other influences can confuse, panic, and stand in contradiction to God’s Word. 

Spiritual Discernment

We already know that prayer, meditation, praise, and worship are essential for spiritual discernment. Prayer seeks the Holy Spirit’s guidance and asks for clarification in differentiating God’s voice from other things. Meditation gives us quiet time to stop the internal chaos, go deeper in our connection with God, and develop a sensitivity to the subtle promptings and urgings God gives. 

Trusting the Inner Promptings and Convictions

Hearing God’s voice requires us to trust the inner promptings and convictions we receive from Him. However, we should always “check” to be sure that what we are healing is God and nothing else. If it doesn’t align with scripture, we know that it is not from God. Growing our relationship with God will help us to sharpen our discernment of these promptings and convictions. 

Trusting these promptings forces us to use our faith and surrender to what God wants. His ways are higher than our ways, and His voice will lead us to a higher purpose with Him. 

Hearing God’s Voice in Our Daily Lives

Develop Sensitivity to God’s Voice in Everyday Situations

God speaks all the time. He doesn’t wait for the grand and extraordinary moments. Sometimes, we can hear His voice in the boring and ordinary things we do every day. We have to develop a sensitivity to His guidance so we are tuned into hearing God’s voice even when He is whispering to us. This requires us to open our hearts and minds to see, feel, and know His presence, messages, and nudges that steer us to His will. 

Noticing Signs, Symbols, and Synchronicities

Many times, God communicates to us through signs, symbols, and synchronicities. These can be unexpected encounters with people or things, repeated messages, or chance events that have deeper meanings. Pay attention to these occurrences because we can see the hand of God working–giving us guidance, confirmation, or reassurance for our journey. 

Reflecting on Experiences and Seeking Confirmation

Reflection is an important part of hearing God’s voice and interpreting it. Take the time to reflect on your experiences, conversations, and observations to allow yourself to discern if there are patterns, signs of God’s handiwork, and insights into the messages He has given. 

You are never alone in your Christian journey. Find a trusted friend, mentor, spiritual leader, or wise individual who shares your faith. This person may be able to give valuable guidance and validation to help you navigate the complexities of hearing God’s voice. 


Embrace the Journey of Hearing God’s Voice

The journey of hearing God’s voice is (and should be) a deeply personal and transformative experience. It will require the cultivation of your relationship with God, the creation of a space for silence, discernment of your inner voice, the study of scripture, and the ability to listen in your daily life. The journey doesn’t come without a cost, but the “price” is worth it. You must surrender, seek, and trust as you work through life’s uncertainties. 

Encouragement for Perseverance and Patience

Patience and perseverance are required qualities on the path to hearing God’s voice. The process unfolds as you work through it, and you may have doubts or feel like God is silent along the way. However, keep a steadfast faith, open heart, and willingness to wait upon the Lord. You can, with confidence, know that you will hear His voice in His perfect timing. 

Transformative Power of Hearing God’s Voice

We invite transformation and change into our lives when we actively seek to hear God’s voice. His words bring clarity, direction, peace, and purpose to our lives. Hearing God’s voice guides us to make choices aligned with His will, experience His love and grace, and live harmoniously with His plan for our lives. 

The journey to hearing God’s voice is not about perfection or reaching a destination. It is about fostering a relationship with the Most High God, embracing the mystery of hearing God’s voice, and allowing His voice to change us, shape us, into the person He has called us to become for Him. 

Approach this journey with faith, humility, and a deep desire for hearing God’s voice.

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