12 Amazing Women of the Bible

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The Holy Bible is full of incredible, inspiring women. One article could never talk about all of them. This is a brief summary of 10 amazing women of the Bible. Because of the brevity of this list, I had to omit some women, like Mary Magdalene, Miriam, Sarah, Elizabeth, and Hagar. All of those women deserve to be counted as amazing women of the Bible, but there are so many others as well.


Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a teenager when she was met by an angel who prophesied to her about the birth of Christ. The angel told her not to fear; he gave her the instructions from God saying that the Holy Ghost would conceive a child in her and that he would be called Jesus, the Messiah. 


Ruth showed extreme bravery and faith. As a very young lady, she was widowed. Instead of returning to her family, as tradition would dictate, she remained with her mother-in-law and took care of Naomi, until Naomi died. Even in the worst circumstances, when they were not sure how, Ruth believed that God would provide for the two of them. God was always on time and made provisions for Ruth and Naomi.


Rachel is the wife of Jacob. However, she had to wait 14 years to be able to marry him. Jacob worked for seven years to earn Rachel’s hand in marriage. Unfortunately, her older sister, Leah, was not married yet. 

Rachel’s father tricked Jacob into marrying Leah. Once Jacob discovered the deceit, he worked another seven years to gain Rachel’s hand. After they were married, Jacob and Rachel had Joseph and Benjamin. They are the youngest sons of Jacob and strong parts of the Tribes of Israel. 


Hannah was barren. She begged God for a child. In the temple, Hannah prayed for a son. She prayed in her heart and spoke no words. As she prayed, her lips moved, and Eli saw her and thought she was drunk. In her prayers, she promised God that if He gave her a son, she would dedicate the child back to Him.

God allowed Hannah to have Samuel. As she promised, she returned to the temple and left Samuel with Eli. She dedicated Samuel to God, and he became a prophet and judge over Israel. 

Hannah proved in all that she did that her faith in God never faltered.


Eve, although the first woman created, is not often seen as one of the most upstanding women of the Bible. She is, however, one of the most influential. Eve gave into sin which set off a set of reactions. She knew what was supposed to have happened if she ate the fruit of the tree. Even knowing the consequences, she did it anyway. 

Eve is a symbol that God is good. Instead of Adam and Eve dying, God allowed them to live outside of the Garden of Eden. Her actions also prove that the temptation of Satan is bad, and, as Christians, we should avoid temptations when possible. When avoidance is not possible, we should resist temptation.


Deborah is the only female judge of Israel mentioned in the Bible. She is shown to be a leader who was full of love and compassion for the children of Israel. 


Esther is best known as a queen. She is also known for saving the king of Persia from an assassination attempt on his life. Esther knew about it, and she told the king before it could be completed. 

Esther is remembered for saving the lives of the Jews as well. Through prayer and bravery, she was able to learn of a plot to have all the Jews in Persia killed. After helping to save the king’s life, she was able to let him know of the plan. He helped Esther to save the Jewish people in Persia from death and persecution. 


For me, this is one of the lesser studied women of the Bible. Already this year, I have read her story twice, and overlooked the importance of it both times. She was the daughter of King Jehoram, and her stepmother, the queen, tried to cement herself as the new leader and began killing all of the king’s sons. 

Jehosheba grabbed her stepbrother, Joash, and hid him from the queen. At the time, Joash was only a year old, but he became the new king at the age of 7. By saving Joash’s life, Jehosheba saved the rightful king and the lineage of David. 


In most conversations, Rahab is referred to as Rahab “the harlot.” Her first appearance in the Bible is in the book of Joshua. At this time, we can see that she is a faithful servant of God. She risked her life, and the life of her family, in order to shelter the soldiers of Israel in her house. She let them down over the wall, where her house was located, with a rope. They were evacuated from the city safely, and God saved Rahab’s family.


When the name Bathsheba is mentioned, most people will think about her bathing on the roof and King David lusting after her. This lust caused David to sin and have an affair with Bathsheba; then, he had her husband killed so he could marry her. 

Although all of that is true, Bathsheba cannot be held responsible for David’s sins. David, himself, is responsible for those. 

God used Bathsheba’s life to honor Him, and he allowed her to have a son (with David). She is the mother of King Solomon, and he is known as the wisest king of Israel. 


Rebekah is one of the more well-known and influential women of the Bible. She was the wife of Isaac and the mother of the first twins mentioned in the Bible–Jacob and Esau. Rebekah preferred Jacob over Esau, and she helped Jacob to trick Isaac into giving him his brother’s birthright. 


women of the bible baby feet in a basketJochebed is a daughter of Levi. She is also the mother of Moses, Aaron, and Miriam. When Moses was born, the leader of the time was trying to kill all the young boys, so she and Miriam put Moses into a basket and floated it on the river. 

Miriam followed the basket to be sure that Moses was safe. When the daughter of Pharaoh found the basket and decided to take Moses to raise, Miriam suggested their mother, Jochebed, as his nurse. 

God designed it this way so that Moses would be raised around the Israelites. Moses was chosen, by God, to lead Israel to freedom from Egypt. Jochebed’s faith saved Moses’ life and allowed him to become the man God needed to save His people. 


All of these are amazing women of the Bible. Each one of them did something significant for the people around them or for the kingdom of God. So many of the great things of the Bible rested on the shoulders of the faithful, strong, and incredible women of the Bible. 

If you would like a deeper study of the women of the Bible, I found this amazing resource. It’s a year-long study of 52 women who experienced God.

Who else should I have added? What other woman of the Bible is missing from this list?

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