Fun Facts About Me

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My name is Leslie Jackson. There are many hats in my closet of roles that I play in life.

I am an author, mother, wife, daughter, Christian, sister, auntie, and many other things. In my previous careers, I was Sign Language Interpreter and, later, a high school English teacher. When our daughter was in high school, I was a homeschool mom.

Recently, I completed my second masters degree—this time in Creative Writing. During my thesis semester, I completed most of the pages for my first book. Now, I have to complete the editing, marketing, formatting, and design. After researching my publishing options, I know that I have to write a query letter, book proposal, and build an author platform–website, social media, and YouTube (possibly). I have a lot of work to get done before I get this book from my computer to the bookstore shelf. 

I have now graduated 4 times. High school (no year given), Bachelor’s degree (2003), Masters degree 1 (2012), and Masters degree 2 (2022). I would have an associate’s degree, but I transferred to a 4-year school to finish my Bachelor’s so I didn’t have to take another science class.

I love writing, reading, singing, traveling, and creating, and hopefully, I can give you some helpful information about all the things I love to do through this blog. If there is anything specific from those categories you want to learn, ask. It will help me plan more information and help me write.

My plan is to create a beginning Sign Language course and/or a Creative Writing course, and I want to have it/them ready to launch for the new school year. The course(s) will be great for homeschool families and others wanting to learn.

I also have a (currently small) Etsy shop for Christian apparel. 

There are so many things to learn about me and the things I love to do. Stick around; we can learn together.

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